Biafran People New Century (BPNC)

Biafran People New Century (BPNC) was launched on Sunday May 1st, 2022, by IGBO Biafran American Musician and Producer, Kal Afrorock. The purpose for creating BPNC is to serve the youths and descendants of Biafra in diaspora, especially Black American people in the United States.

BPNC program is executive produced by Kal Afrorock and Airs on BYTV.

Bight of Biafra Atlantic Slave Trade

Over 776,400 slaves we’re taken out of Bight of Biafra 1690 – 1807. About over 14.6% of the enslaved Africans transported via European slave ships across the Atlantic during the transatlantic slave trade were of Igbo Biafran origin.

About Biafra

Population of Over 70 million

Biafra is a tropical and coastal region in the south eastern area of West Africa between Nigeria and Southern Cameroons. 

Biafran People are the original inhabitants of the land. Biafra is blessed with many ethnic and linguistic diversity for its size, and within the Nation you’ll find people such as ANIOMA, IGBO, ANNANG, EFIK, IBIBIO, IDOMA/IGEDE, IGALA, ALA-IGBO, IKWERE-IGBO, IJAW, ITSEKIRI, ISOKO, IZON, OGONI, UHROBO, and many others.

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Igbo Biafran People and Black Americans Connection

The Igbo Biafran presence in United States goes back to the country’s earliest days and remains in the hearts of African Americans who are their modern descendants. From the mid-1600s to 1830, the US imported a large amount of Igbo slaves to the states of Virginia and Maryland in order to provide labour for tobacco plantations.

The presence of the Igbo in this region was so profound that the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia decided to erect a full-scale traditional Igbo village in Staunton, Virginia.

About over 60% of all African Americans have at least one ancestor who originated from the Igbo Biafran kingdoms. Many African Americans are now tracing their Igbo heritage with the help of genetic testing and historical evidence.

They are able to reconnect with their living relatives in the eastern region of Nigeria known as Biafra land, to reestablish links with their ancestral ethnic group.

The IGBO Landing

One of the popular history on Igbo Biafran People is The IGBO Landing. It’s a historic site at Dunbar Creek on St. Simons IslandGlynn County, Georgia. It was the setting of a mass suicide in 1803 by captive Igbo Biafran people who had taken control of their slave ship and refused to submit to slavery in the United States. The event’s moral value as a story of resistance towards slavery has symbolic importance in African American folklore as the flying Africans legend, and in literary history.