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Biafran People New Century (BPNC)

Yes BPNC support The right of Biafran People to self-determination because it is in the United Nations charter. 

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BPNC serves the youths and descendants of Biafra in diaspora, especially Black and Brown African American people in the United States.

The program is Executive produced by Kal Afrorock and Airs on BYTV.

Biafra is a tropical and coastal region in the south eastern area of West Africa between Nigeria and Southern Cameroons.

Yes, The Igbo Biafran People presence in United States goes back to the country’s earliest days and remains in the hearts of African Americans who are their modern descendants.

General Questions

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IGBO Biafran American Musician and Producer, Kal Afrorock, founded Biafran People New Century (BPNC)  on Sunday May 1st, 2022.

No, however it is a Social Movement that serves youths in Diaspora, especially Black and Brown African Americans who their ancestors were among those taken from Bight of Biafra during the Atlantic slave trade.

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We are Biafran People of the New Century (BPNC)

Founder Kal Afrorock speak on BPNC (Biafran People New Century) mission.

Where is BIAFRA Located ?

Knowing where Biafra is located on the West African Map.

Does BPNC support Biafra freedom?

Find out What is BPNC position on the demand for Biafra Independence.

What does BPNC stand for?

Understanding the meaning of BPNC and what it stands for.

Why Kal Afrorock created BPNC?

Find out the reason why Kal Afrorock created BPNC for Biafrans and Black & Brown African Americans.


What BPNC bring to the community?

Understanding what BPNC provides to the community.